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CERTUS Genowefa Kisińska
Produkcja Wyrobów Tworzyw Sztucznych dla Budownictwa

Cieszyn, ul. Leśna 21, 63-435 Sośnie,
woj. wielkopolskie, Polska
tel./fax. +48 62 73 93 426-428

Catalog (pdf)


budynek firmy




Rury pp z bliska


About us

Ladies and Gentlemen,

CERTUS manufactures plastic products for the building industry.
The company was established in 1989 and since then it has come through several stages of technological development. We have gradually extended our stock of machines and nowadays the manufacturing is taking place by means of modern, automated production lines with high efficiency. 
With the increase of production volume the number of jobs also increases. In November 1999 the company became a protected work company. The profits achieved by us make both the technological development and the improvement of social conditions for our workers (medical care, recreation areas) possible.
Our main target has always been to ensure the highest possible quality of our products.
Within the confines of the quality management system, which was initiated in 2000 and according to the ISO 9001norm, the following tasks are standing before us:

  • manufacturing of highest quality products which meet the our customers' requirements,
  • perceiving and eliminating of any imperfections in the performance of our company in order to ensure the best possible customer service,
  • striving to achieve the highest technological level through permanent development of the company;
  • paying attention to the work morale principles and creating the image of our company which deserves the confidence of both its customers and its workers;
  • presenting of several new products each year.

Our wish is that these measures would lead our company to achieving the leadership among all the manufacturers of plastic products for the building industry. With pleasure I would like to present you with our catalogue including our full offer. I hope that by choosing our products you will be fully satisfied with their reliability. 
I can assure you: CERTUS means a