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CERTUS Genowefa Kisińska
Produkcja Wyrobów Tworzyw Sztucznych dla Budownictwa

Cieszyn, ul. Leśna 21, 63-435 Sośnie,
woj. wielkopolskie, Polska
tel./fax. +48 62 73 93 426-428

Catalog (pdf)

Tool shop

Trying to meet our customers' needs we are working hard to extend our offer. We are the owners of a modern design office and a modern tool shop which is very well equipped. Our products and raw materials are strictly quality checked. All strength and toughness tests are carried out in our own laboratory, which is situated within the company's area. These tests actually eliminate all complaints against our products. We co-operate with many national and international companies who are supplier of high quality raw materials. Many companies in and outside Poland are very satisfied with our products.

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